Neymar: It’s not about money

Neymar has rejected claims he joined Paris Saint-Germain for financial reasons and insists he is ready to start playing straight away.

The 25-year-old was speaking after completing his €222m world record move to the Parc des Princes from Barcelona, saying he would ‘be somewhere else’ if he was motivated by money.

“What I say to these people is they don’t know anything about my personal life, I was never motivated by money,” Neymar explained at his press conference.

“What I think about is my happiness and together with my family, I want them to be happy.

“If I was following the money, I would be somewhere else, with other clubs in other countries.

“I’m really sad that people still think that way and I’m glad that PSG believe in me.

“I am hungry for football, I always want to play so yes, I am ready for tomorrow against Amiens.

“I have a lot of friendship and respect towards the Barcelona fans and I was very happy for the four years.

“I am not sad, quite contrary I am very happy. I wrote my chapter there won trophies and helped them in the best possible way. You cannot make everyone happy.

“Thank you to the Barca fans for their friendship.”