Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather? Zlatan gives you the answer

Manchester United forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic has spoken ahead of the ultimate showdown between Floyd Mayweather and Ireland’s Conor McGregor and has backed the Irishman to beat the unbeaten Mayweather in Las Vegas tonight.

The Irish Mixed Martial Arts professional will be making his official boxing debut against Mayweather at the T-Mobile Arena and Zlatan believes that 29-year-old McGregor could stage a huge upset against the winner of fifteen world boxing titles.

Speaking in his latest interview with Sport Bible via ​Telegraph, the 35-year-old Swedish hitman claimed, “Here you have a guy that has made a career out of many years and that is Mayweather. And then you have the other guy that has made a career in a short time, but he made himself a big name.”

Zlatan continued by giving his reason to back McGregor as he said, “Me as a huge fan of the MMA, I see this fight. I don’t know. It can go both ways. Either what people predict that Mayweather will win easy, which I don’t believe.”

The Swedish hero then compared McGregor to himself saying, “Conor has a power he can knock you out from every angle. And he has a confidence, like me. He is the Ibrahimović of martial arts and I’m McGregor of the football world.”

Zlatan concluded by saying that a boxing fight contains 50% physical effort and 50% mental effort as he said, “So I see him (McGregor) with his confidence. He will win. Because he believes in himself so much and like I say, in everything you do the mental part is 50%. If you have the mental, the head, you can do it and achieve. And then at the same time he’s skillful, he is the one he is. So I believe in Conor!”

Ibrahimovic recently signed a new deal at Manchester United after a shocking early recovery from a serious injury he suffered last season.