Bartomeu has fantastic news for Barcelona fans

The Barça president Josep Bartomeu, says he has no doubts about Messi’s renewal A deal was agreed in June but it has still not been rubber stamped.

“It’s all agreed and signed. There are three contracts. One with the Messi Foundation, which is signed with the president of the Foundations and the player’s brother. There’s an image rights contract with Messi, which is father has signed, who is the administrator of his company, and the employment contract, with his father has signed, who has the power to do so”.

What’s lacking then?

“That Leo arrives and we have the official photogrpah and the protocol of the signature. The contract’s signed, it’s valid from the month of June, from June 30, the same day that he got married, curiously. It’s been audited because it goes into the accounts for last season. The renewal is included in the accounts for the closing of this season. There are no problems. It’s just the protocol of the signature. We’re relaxed”.

Why not before?

“We’ve had schedule problems. Now, he’s back on Sept. 6 or Sept, 7m we play on Sept. 9. There are a lot of games. We will find the moment”.