Cavani: Problems with Neymar? …


Cavani says there are no problems with Neymar, despite some discussions seen on the pitch.

In the challenge between Lyon vs PSG, Edinson Cavani had a discussion with Neymar. The Brazilian wanted to execute a penalty, but Cavani did not allow him, just like a few days ago, not allowing him to take the penalty.

Even “L’Equipe” reported that the two players were confronted in the dressing rooms, but everything has been dismissed by Cavani, saying there are no problems with the player who was bought for 222 million euros from Barcelona.

“These things are invented, I do not know why these news are written. The truth is that these are normal things, things that happen in football, “Cavani said.


“I read about this when I was with my brother, about how people say that ‘Cavani will not let anyone execute the penalties and that there are problems with Neymar. The truth is that there is no problem, “the Uruguayan striker added.

“He has just arrived and as I said before, we want him to adapt as soon as possible. I think this is happening, Neymar has already shown he is adapting very fast, “Cavani said among other things.