Ramos: We don’t have penalties awarded in our favor although they do for Barcelona


Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos believes the more the club speaks about the standard of officiating, the worse it gets.

Whilst simultaneously stating his side could ‘not make any excuses’, he hinted his side were hard done-by with refereeing decisions in their defeat to Real Betis on Wednesday night.

“The refereeing gets worse the more we talk about it,” Ramos is quoted by Marca as telling Spanish TV after the match.

“No, I’m not surprised we don’t have penalties awarded in our favour although they do for Barcelona…but we need to respect the officials.


“Although we wouldn’t be talking about this if we scored three goals and we’ve endured a frustrating start, but we must not panic despite the table.

“We need to self-criticise and look to improve, as they are usually games we’ve had more success in.

“This is the same group of players who won the (Spanish and European) titles only a few months ago and we must not make any excuses.”