Ancelotti would only manage this English Premier League team

Carlo Ancelotti won’t return to Italy until 2020 and the only job he’d take this season would be Arsenal, claim Italian reports.

The Coach is a free agent after he was sacked by Bayern Munich, despite winning the Bundesliga last term.

He has been heavily linked with both the Milan job – which he has held before to immense success – and replacing Giampiero Ventura on the Nazionale bench.

However, according to Mediaset Premium, Ancelotti has decided to put his feet up for the rest of this season and continue travelling.

He does not intend to come back to Italy until 2020, at which point he’d see the options available.

There is only one job Ancelotti would take during this current campaign, claims the Italian television platform, and that is Arsenal.

It’d be a return to the Premier League and to London, where he won the title at Chelsea, enabling him to go head-to-head with Antonio Conte.

Arsene Wenger has been with the Gunners for decades, but his tenure has become increasingly controversial with many fans urging them to hire Ancelotti.