Perez: In 2001, I brought Zidane to the club of his life, Real Madrid

Florentino Perez has penned a lengthy piece in Marca reflecting upon Zinedine Zidane’s success at the club ahead of his 100th game as Real Madrid boss.

Appointed in January 2016 from Castilla to replace the outgoing Rafael Benitez, Zidane has won 75 of his previous 99 matches in charge of Los Blancos ahead of Saturday’s trip to Getafe.

“Real Madrid’s history and legend has been created by a unique list of honours, by a fanbase that has always been united in reflecting the institution’s values and by the great people who have strengthened the club badge during the 115 years of the club’s existence,” Perez wrote.

“Tomorrow Zinedine Zidane will reach 100 matches as Coach of our team. He belongs to this extraordinary group of people who have been chosen to be one of our symbols.

“Madristas pick their legends based on what they represent and on what they mean for Real Madrid. It is a decision which comes from the heart of our supporters. It is achieved by being loyal to our values and by matching the expectations of the world’s most prestigious club.

“In 2001, I brought Zidane to the club of his life, Real Madrid. When I was chosen as president I became convinced he had to be with us and, many years later, even after his playing days were over, people and thank me for having signed him so they could enjoy his magic and talent.

“The impossible volley scored in Glasgow is the perfect expression of how he contributed in a decisive way to Real Madrid’s history.

“Now I have been just as convinced that he must be the Coach of our first team – he represents everything that has driven us to success and which continues to do so.

“Zidane is a person of pure talent, working hard and making sacrifices. He is persistent in his search for perfection, he is insatiable in his hunger for victories and titles and he always shows respect and humility.

“He is a role model for our players, giving the essence of Real Madrid and he continues to earn the affection of a fan base who adore him.

“As Real Madrid Coach he has already won everything, just as he did as a player. Not even two years have passed since his coaching debut on January 9, 2016, and he has already won two European Cups, one Club World Cup, two UEFA Super Cups, one La Liga title and one Spanish Supercopa.

“However, as Zidane knows, this club always wants to win more. He continues in his role with full responsibility, motivation and enthusiasm.

“He has the difficult task of trying to make the hundreds of millions of fans we have across the world happy and of trying to make them confident that our team is in the best hands.

“He arrived here to stay with us forever and his passion for Real Madrid will help us to keep achieving our dreams.”