Pochettino accuses Pep Guardiola of disrespect

Pochettino has accused Pep Guardiola of being “disrespectful” and making a “sad comment” which his players had “laughed at” after he described Tottenham Hotspur as the “Harry Kane team”.

“Guardiola was part of the big success of Barcelona with Messi at his best. I never said it was the ‘Messi team’,” Pochettino said. “I always said it was Barcelona, it was Pep Guardiola, and I think everyone deserves to be recognised as being part of the success of the team. But I think that many people took those words as being very sad and disrespectful to the club. And for many players that are here… it’s a strange situation for them.”

Pochettino added of Guardiola: “Sometimes, he struggles to keep his position and be a gentleman. I take that situation – it didn’t affect me but in reality, it was very disrespectful for many people. It’s difficult to understand.”