Zidane: I like Isco a Lot, He’s very Creative

The manager wanted to highlight the great performances of Isco Alarcón: “This is his natural progression. He knows he’s a very important player for this club and every time he has the option to play he does it well and every day better. He can play in a lot of position, closer to the forwards is better for him, but he can play with three in the midfield…”

The midfielder is nominated to the Ballon D’Or this year: “I can tell you I like Isco a lot because he’s always creative. The players that try hard always have success. I like this”.

Zidane was also asked about Cristiano’s goal against Getafe: “I’m happy for him, he deserved it, he works a lot and he always want to improve. I respect a lot Cristiano Ronaldo because he’s an example for the others. It’s good that he’s scored in La Liga and we want him to be comfortable”.

After the victory in Getafe, the team is getting more confidence: “Hopefully I’ve got already what I was looking for. We are going to have many games and they good this is that we are getting back to normal because there are less players missing. But there will be another tough moments”.

Now Real Madrid will play two games in the Champions League against Tottenham Hotspur, key to know which team will top the group: “It’s always a test, we have two games against Tottenham and the first final to top the group is tomorrow. It’s going to be a good game for the people that like football and hopefully we can win”.

Zidane also spoke about Harry Kane, the Tottenham star: “I don’t know his future, right now is very important for Tottenham. He’s very good in everything. Everything he does is looking for the goal, he always gets the space and he’s good. He’s very complete”.