5 ways Neymar gets SPECIAL treatment, some PSG players are not happy


Corriere dello Sport presents a list of 5 points where PSG’s Neymar is being shown preferential treatment in comparison to his team-mates.

1.PSG coach Unai Emery tolerates that the former Barcelona player does not help out in defence, something his team-mates are not exempt from. T

2.The rest of the squad are under strict orders not to make any tough challenges or tackles during training.

3.Neymar has been given two private physiotherapists, something that the club also provided Zlatan Ibrahimovic with.


4.The Brazilian international is the only member of the squad who is allowed to have other logo’s and brands that are not PSG related on his suitcases and accessories when traveling to away fixtures.

5.Neymar has also been promised to take 50% of the penalty kicks the team gets this season, sharing them with Cavani. For next season Neymar has been promised to take all of the penalty kicks.