Man Utd player: “I want to play for Pochettino”

Manchester United fullback Luke Shaw admits he’d like to play again for Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino. The pair worked together at Southampton.

“We were one of the best footballing teams in the league. I do hope that I can play for him again one day. And I think he really wants me to play under him again.”

And the England star alluded to the fact life was simpler when he was at St. Mary’s. “He used to call me his son, that’s how good our relationship was. I’ve had lots of ups and downs, but when I was with Pochettino it was only ever up, up, up,” he continued. “He made me feel that I was the best. He’d show me clips of my games and say, ‘You should do this better’. Not in a horrible way. Not I could have done better, but I should have done better, because he knows I can be better.