Manchester City star could join Seria A

Inter target Yaya Toure won’t exclude a move to Italy, saying “you never say never in life.”

The Manchester City has only played 39 minutes of Premier League action this season with the Mancunian side, evidence that he could be headed elsewhere.

Inter fans will remember Roberto Mancini’s desperate efforts to sign him, though oddly Toure says he has no regrets.

The Ivorian international was still very complimentary about Serie A, ahead of the upcoming Champions League clash with Napoli.

“There were several contacts with Italian football in the past, but then I followed different, important paths like Barcelona and Manchester City,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport, “you never say never in life.”

​Toure had a lot of nice things to say about Serie A crowds, in particular Napoli’s

“The thing that struck me the most was the crowd. They are really passionate, spectacular supporters. The San Paolo is a stadium which doesn’t leave you indifferent, even as an opponent. Support like that of the Napoli fans gives extra strength to their team.

“I’m not afraid as a City player, but I am concerned by the lift they give to the home team. In moments of difficulty, fans like Napoli’s can be decisive.”