Morata: ‘Why Chelsea is more special than Real Madrid and Juve’


Chelsea star Alvaro Morata has released an interview with Four Four Two to discuss about his first months in England and in the Premier League.

The Spaniard joined the Stamford Bridge in the summer and Cristiano Ronaldo is already regretting letting him go.

Morata, however, has never felt as happy as he does at Chelsea right now.

“This is perhaps the first time in my senior career that I’ve started five matches in a row, or felt like the No.1 striker at a club. Any coach who gives you that support gives you so much confidence it’s what I needed this year”, the Spaniard told the British magazine.

“It’s a big responsibility being the main centre-forward at Chelsea, because you’re the team’s the reference point. You support every attacking move, because they look to get the ball into your feet or into the channels. Conte? After bringing me to Juventus before he joined Italy in 2014, I always thought that we would get back together. He’s gone to the death for me. His is a huge assist, if you like, for me coming to Chelsea, because I really wanted to renew that relationship with him and repay all the faith that he’s shown in me.”