Inter legend, Chivu, reveals why players love Mourinho

Interviewed by Fox Sports, Inter Milan’s former defensive legend Cristian Chivu spoke about his former manager José Mourinho. During the course of the discussion, he revealed why so many players seem to appreciate Mourinho’s coaching style.

“Mourinho occasionally gave you a week to be mentally disconnected. He did not want to see for a week. It’s something you can not expect, but he tells you on a Monday, ‘We’ll see you next Monday.’”

He went on to further his admiration for the Portuguese tactician. “Keep in mind, this was when the team was training for the championship and not in the breaks for the national team matches. Not surprisingly , Mourinho had a great sense of observation and understood when a player was tired from a physical and mental point of view. When he was in trouble he gave him two to three days, or even a week of rest. But when you came back, you had to give it everything.”