Lampard says it is too early to judge Manchester City

Frank Lampard believes Manchester City can not be considered among the top teams in Premier League history, but says they absolutely deserve this status if they succeed to maintain the current form until the end of the season.

City has demolished every team in their road so far, winning 10 from 11 Premier League games, they are on top of the table with eight points more than Manchester United in second place.

City has scored 38 goals in the league, 15 more than United and are the big favorite to win the title under Pep Guardiola’s orders.

But former Chelsea player Lampard says it is early to be say and expect until the end of the season.

“I think it’s too early to say. If they continue to play like this throughout the season, then of course they will put themselves in such a position. They have won 10 games and have one draw in the league. If they keep this form, then it’s something extraordinary, “he said.