PHOTO: Messi embarrassed, took a photo with his Argentine teammate thinking he was a fan


Lionel Messi was had to apologize to Zenit striker Sebastian Druiussi because he thought that his teammate was a fan and wanted a selfie with him.

This happened today in Russia before the friendly match between Argentina and Russia.

Before the game, the 30-year-old was giving autographs and making pictures with fans as usual.

Among those who were taking autographs and photos with Messi was also Driussi, and Messi though he was also a fan.

After Zenit’s striker posted his picture on Instagram, Messi had realized who he was and he apologized.

Messi told Fox Sports that he knows of who is the former River Plate star.


“I felt sorry I did not recognize him in that moment because I do not know him personally. But, I know who he is. When asked about a picture I thought he was one of the fans waiting for a picture. And when I saw the picture on Instagram, I apologized. In the past we have exchanged messages through someone else and we share the same tattoo artist, “explained Messi.