VIDEO: Angry De Rossi: You don need me! you need Insignie!

Roma midfielder Daniele De Rossi was on the bench  in Italy’s last night game against Sweden for the 2018 World Cup play-off.

The Italian media have caught the moment when the midfielder is angry and debating with coach staff when they asked him to enter the field.

Italy failed to qualify for the World Cup they did not win against Sweden. The first match was won by the Swedes 1-0.

“But where should I go, you do not you understand that we have to score?” Said De Rossi to one of the staff members of Ventura.

According to the Italian media, he wanted Insignie to enter the match and help the attack.

After the match, the captain of Rome explained everything for the media: “I have 20 years of experience and I understand what was needed in those moments. I wanted to give a tactical advise and I did not want to offend anybody. They asked me to get in, but we needed a goal and I immediately advised to play Insigne, because he was more valuable than I was in those moments. I wanted to play, the I wanted us to score. ”