Chiellini: ‘Here’s how to stop Messi. On Italy…’

Italy star Giorgio Chiellini talked to Il Corriere della Sera to comment Italy’s World Cup elimination, and share his thoughts on Juventus’ current campaign.

“It’s still hard to believe we won’t play the World Cup, it seems impossible”, Chiellini said.
“Italian football needs some big changes, we are stuck in a situation that nobody is able to solve. We need the love of fans just like at the San Siro, I’ve never seen anything similar. We must see some changes in the politic of football as well but right now it’s not easy to find a compromise.”

”I think the right model to follow is the German one, rush is not needed at the moment, we can’t decide everything today. Ventura? I’ve read many stupid and false things. Nobody would have ever told Ventura how to play. We had a meeting after the Macedonia game but it had been agreed with the manager, it happens everywhere there is nothing strange.”

​Juventus will face Barcelona in Champions League in six days: “You can’t think to anticipate Messi because he’s simply to fast. The only way to stop him his with the help of my teammates. Even the best defender in the world can’t steal him the ball on his own. Suarez? I have no problems with him.”