Ronaldo: “When I do not score, everyone asks me the same question’

Four times the “Golden Ball” winner, Cristiano Ronaldo, is being criticized for the bad form this season, he has only scored one goal in La Liga.

Ronaldo’s family is not happy also, but Ronaldo says he is not worried and has nothing to say to those who criticize him.

“You know, I do not criticize people who tell me why I do not score, what’s strange is when I go home when I do not score goals my mother, son, sister, brother they all say to me: What is happening to you? “Said the Portuguese.

“Family? I am very happy to be surrounded by them. I love children, I want to tell you one thing: for me, life without children is worth nothing, “said Ronaldo.

The Portuguese said this in a long interview for “L’Equipe” to be released on Friday.