Father of Pepe slams Real Madrid over summer exit

The father of Brazilian born Portuguese central defender Pepe, has slammed his son’s former club Real Madrid, for the way he was forced out of the club this past summer in an interview with Brazilian media outlet Globo Esporte.

“These clubs take the players and squeeze out every last drop from them, they just exploited him and after he got tired they started treating him in a way he did not deserve. He has a personality, his career is still going string and he has won everything, he has to try to keep improving” Anael, Pepe’s father began.

“When a year is left on a player’s contract the club’s usually call the players in to discuss a renewal but Pepe was not called in. When they finally called him in they offered him the same terms he already had. He declined and said that he would finish his contract with the club and then move elsewhere” he continued.

Anael concluded that despite Pepe’s age “he is very organized and he wants to continue playing at a very high level.”