Big teams on alert: Dybala does not promise to stay in Juventus

Paulo Dybala has said that he can not not promise that he will stay in Juventus forever, but added that he feels honored to wear number 10.

Earlier this year, the Argentine striker signed a new contract with Juventus, whose general manager, Giuseppe Marotta, said he wanted to keep Dybala in Juventus forever.

But Dybala did not promise to stay forever in Juventus.

“I do not promise, especially since it does not depend only on me ,” Dybala told France Football.

“At the moment, however, I do not say ‘this is my last year, I’m going’. I think about the present and everything about it. The club advised me to wear the shirt number 10, is honor. In modern football we do not know the future, and for this we have had shocking examples in the summer, “Dybala concluded.

Real Madridm Manchester United and Barcelona are the teams that would like Dybala.