PSG star: Neymar’s arrival has boosted the team

Marquinhos claims that Neymar’s arrival has “generated a lot of excitement”.

The former Roma player seems to have shot down any notion of player unhappiness at the Brazilian’s acquisition.

The Paris Saint-Germain star was speaking to Globoesporte: “signing “Neymar and Kylian M’Bappe has given the team a boost”.

“I think that what we’re doing on the pitch is the best possible answer: some good results, some nice football to watch and a very good understanding between the players.”

​Neymar’s arrival hasn’t been welcomed by all, according to reports: some feel intimidated about losing playing time, others have not been so happy at the privileges that the Brazilian star has allegedly been given.

The free kick controversy with Edinson Cavani also didn’t go down well in Paris, though it sounds like both sides have since patched up their differences.

​Marquinhos was both optimistic and cautious in his appraisal of the upcoming campaign, in which PSG are among the favourites to win the Champions League:

“It’s been a great start to the season, but the road is still long. We’re still on the way there. It’s very difficult to win the Champions League and the other trophies.”