Messi friend with Ronaldo? This is what he said

Messi does not think that he will be friend with Ronaldo in the future.

It seems that there will never be more than respect for each other between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo when they stop playing football.

Portuguese long time ago had said that perhaps in the future, the rivalry they have for many years in the field, will turn into a friendship outside, but Messi has different opinion.

“Cristiano has long said that in the future you can become good friends, do you think it is possible? I do not know if we will be, “replied Messi.

“Friendship is created by spending time together and knowing each other better. We do not spend time together, the only way to see them is the award ceremonies and it’s the only time we talk a bit. At that moment everything is fine, but then we do not spend time together, “Messi said among other things.