Mohamed Salah reveals his ambitions

Insatiable and competitive, Mohamed Salah wants to continue to work to improve his performance while he is the second best scorer in the Premier League with 22 goals on the clock. The Egyptian striker works with his coach Jürgen Klopp to achieve this.

Mohamed Salah wants to push his limits

Conscious of his lack of efficiency in the goals although he is the second player to win the most with 103 attempts this season, Mohamed Salah intends to redouble his efforts to be more decisive and increase his number of goals. Top scorer in Liverpool, the 2017 African Golden Ball has scored 30 goals in the Reds’ colors, in all competitions.

« You can not score ten goals out of ten shots, that’s impossible and I know I missed a lot of chances this season. But I try to improve myself. I always try to see my faults and work on them. I always try to score in different ways. The coach helps me a lot and I also work a lot alone in training, « said Salah in the words transcribed by L’Équipe.