Wanda Nara: Two big European teams want Icardi

Inter’s representatives and Mauro Icard’s agent, Wanda Nara, who is also his wife, will start contract renewal talks with Inter and the Italian team will try to increase the release clause by improving the player’s salary.

But at the same time there are several big European teams and are ready to pay the current 110m euro clause for the Argentine striker.

Wanda Nara admitted that her client has two important offers. The names of the important teams are not revaled, but it is known that it is Real Madrid and PSG.

“I did not meet Ausilio, but we often talk on the phone. I know what friends thinks and he knows my opinion. Several teams have recently approached and I have a duty  least listen to them. I do not speak with names, “said Nara.

“I work for Mauros’ interests, while Piero Ausilio for Inter. In the end, friends and Icardi will make the best choice for both sides, “she said at the end.