Reporter Asks Kompany About Outpacing Aubameyang, His Reaction Is Brilliant

Vincent Kompany not only bagged a goal at Wembley Stadium in the League Cup final, but he also outpaced Arsenal’s speed demon Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

And following the game, the City skipper was asked about his one-on-one with the Gabon striker.

Pep Guardiola’s side racked up their first piece of silverware this season by claiming the League Cup on Sunday. City beat Arsenal 3-0 courtesy of goals from Sergio Aguero, Kompany and David Silva.

Arsenal’s performance left little to be desired with fans fuming over the result.

And the Arsenal faithfuls were left stunned when Kompany outpaced Aubameyang in the first half.


Aubameyang, renown for his blistering speed, was beaten to the ball by the 31-year-old defender.

After raising the cup, he was asked about his interaction with the 96-pace rated FIFA 18 star: “Sometimes it’s good to surprise people…”

He also detailed the goal-scoring feature past City teams have enjoyed, while seeking for more success this campaign.

“If we win more and consistently, if we can the Premier League then go again and again, then this team will be better than the previous one,” he told Telegraph.

“We have scored hundreds of goals as well with [Manuel] Pellegrini. It’s been a feature of this club for many years now. I want to keep that hunger in the team, so I don’t want to put people on a pedestal when we haven’t achieved all of our targets yet. So, for now, it’s, ‘Well done, keep going.’

Kompany’s strike just before the hour mark evoked huge emotions.

“It means the world to me. I don’t plan the celebrations. It’s just pure emotion,” he said about his celebration.

Kompany holds aloft the League Cup. Image: PA

Kompany added: “What you can see is what I feel. It’s hard to put a ranking on the best moments but this is up there.

“I’m fortunate to be at a club where I get incredible support from the medical staff but a lot of it is just my own doing. It’s just absolute stubbornness. I kind of almost get enjoyment out of adversity in life. However bad it can be, I’ve always been like this. I’m kind of the wrong guy to bet against.