Guardiola: I always support my colleagues

Man City boss defended Arsene Wenger, admitting that he understands the feeling of pressure, and that Arsenal coach now ‘feels completely alone’.
“I always support my colleagues. I don’t understand when other managers criticise the other managers because we feel the same, when we win, when we lose, we accept the opinions of the fans and the people and you feel alone.

“Believe me, you feel alone because there’s a lot of pressure on your shoulders. I understand completely. I’d like to tell him that I am close, I am on the same side as him. I understand what he feels because I have had it before.

“That’s why I don’t understand when other managers criticise, maybe people believe I’ve said something wrong, it’s tough for me to understand when you use this tribune to criticise colleagues.

“It’s tough to send a message to the other ones from here because everyone understands how you feel when you lose. What happened can happen to me in the future. We won — I’m good, Arsene Wenger didn’t win so he’s not good.”