The best kept secret of Messi’s house

The area where the Argentine resides enjoys optimum tranquility, thanks in part to the prohibition of overflight of aircraft on this airspace.

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The president of Vueling revealed at a recent conference a most unusual information about the house of Leo Messi in Gavà, his place of habitual residence.

Asked about the chances of seeing the runways at El Prat Airport expanded, he clarified that the ban on overflight over the area where the Argentinian resided limited them a lot.

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« We can not fly above the area where Messi lives, in other parts of the world it does not happen like that, » explained Javier Sánchez-Prieto during his speech.

Nevertheless, the prohibition obviously has nothing to do with the presence of Messi on this parcel, it is simply that this area of ​​Gavá has a protection concerning the environment which prohibits the passage of planes on this space air.

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The problems of noise generated by air traffic force the aircraft to go through the sea, avoiding any crossing in the area of ​​Gavà. This also limits the use of the third runway at El Prat Airport, which has recently been debated as it seeks solutions.

Until now, this track is only used to take off, since the landing is the maneuver that produces the most noise for the inhabitants of Gavà Mar, between the beaches of Viladecans and Castelldefels, and is one of the urban nuclei that has the most suffered from this kind of problem.