Bonucci admits he thought Milan move may have been a mistake


AC Milan defender Leonardo Bonucci has told Sky Sport Italia he thought he might have been wrong to leave Juventus when he suffered a tough start to life at the club.

Bonucci, 30, saw his form dip in the early part of the season as Milan struggled.

He was criticized but said he had told himself he could not have suddenly gone from being one of Europe’s most coveted defenders to one of its most vulnerable.


“In the first three months, I thought to myself: ‘What have you let yourself in for?’,” he said.

“It was a moment in which my performances did not tally with the true Bonucci, because you can move a lot with your mind but not everything.

“But then I started to work hard and focus only on myself, like increasing my self-belief, because it was impossible for me to have changed so much in just three months.”

Some pundits had called for Bonucci to be relieved of the captaincy but he said his teammates were behind him.

“Maybe I made a mistake in not talking to the team earlier, but I think the club decided on this new cycle and so it wasn’t my choice to be made captain,” he said.

“It is an honor for me but an additional responsibility and in the first few months, if I am to be honest, I suffered a bit due to it.

“But then with the help of the team and with the arrival of [Gennaro] Gattuso [as head coach], we managed to spread this burden over many shoulders and the results, both individually and as a team, are there for all to see.”