PSG vs Real Madrid: Marcelo speaks on Neymar’s injury

Real Madrid defender, Marcelo, has said that his Brazil teammate Neymar, will have a speedy recovery from a foot operation.

He expressed confidence that the Paris Saint-German forward will play at this summer’s World Cup.

Neymar was discharged from a hospital in Belo Horizonte on Sunday after undergoing successful surgery on a fracture of his fifth metatarsal in his right foot.

Neymar is expected to be out of action for three months.

Speaking ahead of Real Madrid Champions League clash against PSG, Marcelo told Brazilian You Tube channel, Segue o Baile, “Neymar knows that people are with him, that Brazil is with him.

“The situation is complicated but I’m certain that Brazilians and the whole world are sending positive energy so that he comes out of this one.

“He is going to have time to recover, he is going to arrive to the World Cup. I’m certain he will return much stronger than he was before. I also send him all the positive energy and a kiss.”

Marcelo suffered the same injury as Neymar while training with the Selecao in October 2012 and was sidelined for three months.

He added, “When you suffer a serious injury like this you see things differently and you begin to focus on other things that before you didn’t notice.

“It’s as though a film goes through your mind. These are times when you learn many things and you work a lot more as you cannot leave your house.

“When you are out for so long and you are in so much pain, you begin to get bored. You start to think: ‘I need to work like this or like that so as to not to get injured again, go to bed early, eat better etc.’”