Jose Mourinho: I don’t care what they say

The boss admits the Liverpool game was divided into two halves, but the control was in the hands of only one team
Jose speaks after the 2-1 win: “We can split the halves – United first half and Liverpool second but our first half was a half with goals and danger. In the second half – probably the people in the studio have a different opinion – was Liverpool controlling with the ball and United controlling without the ball.

“Our team was always in control. Even in set pieces, corners, dangerous situations we were in control so I think we deserved it. Against Liverpool if you play bad when you have the ball you can be in trouble. Liverpool pushed us into defensive situation but we kept control. It was a complete performance by us with two different halves.

“If people don’t think we deserved it, I don’t care. I am a bit tired, we have a match on Tuesday. I don’t care what people say. The boys are happy, I’m happy.”