Cristiano Ronaldo is getting wiser with age

The best player in the world learns to understand his body
After the brace against Eibar, Cristiano Ronaldo now has 33 goals across all competitions this season. That figure includes the 17 goals he scored in the last 10 games.

As Ronaldo is 33 years old already, he has to carefully choose when the team will need his best form. He can no longer maintain the top level from September to May, as his body wears out. Ronaldo changed his approach as he tries to show his maximum at the last stages of competitions.

The Portuguese star faced problems with scoring during the first part of the season but he is rediscovering his best football as the season is coming to an end.

Last season, Ronaldo has also found his best form in the last part of Madrid’s campaign: 10 goals in his last five games in the Champions League and six in his last four La Liga games.

This season La Liga is gone, but Real Madrid are still one of the favourites of winning the Champions League title and Cristiano Ronaldo is again the crucial figure for Los Blancos.