Ancelotti talks up Italy job


Carlo Ancelotti says becoming Italy’s next CT is ‘not a remote possibility’ and that he would not treat the job as his last in football.

Ancelotti previously distanced himself from the Italy vacancy, citing a preference for the day-to-day nature of club management, but the former Milan and Real Madrid boss now appears more open to the idea of leading out his country.

“I don’t know what I’ll do,” he told Radio Anch’io Sport.

“in any case, my sabbatical is going well. I’m watching games and different Leagues. There have been no real tactical innovations, but football is always interesting for me.

“Calls from clubs or national teams? Let’s just say there hasn’t been! It’s still a little early for any final decisions to be made.

“The Italy job? It’s not a remote possibility. I know Costacurta very well and he knows me very well.

“For now, it’s necessary for the national team to wait. I’m officially still under contract and there’ll be other Coaches who are currently working and can’t be contacted by the FIGC.


“The FIGC has taken its time and, until then, will evaluate the work of Di Biagio. Have I heard from with Costacurta? Yes, even before he became vice-commissioner.

“I don’t see the national team as my last commitment. Conte, for example, continued to coach, even after the national team.

“My idea is to train every day, that’s my only doubt, but I don’t know when I’ll return to a dugout. It’s not something that depends on me, so we’ll see.

“Likelier to coach in Italy or abroad? If I knew, I’d say it.”