Manchester United: José Mourinho’s confession on Alexis Sanchez

It was during the Mercato Hivernal that Manchester United recorded the arrival of Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal. But striker Chilien is struggling to regain his level of play he had at Arsenal.

His performances have been well below average since joining the Red Devils. Two assists and one goal in nine games in all competitions.

A situation that does not seem to worry José Mourinho who spoke on the subject during his recent press conference.

What is not good is that he arrived on the side of Manchester at the worst time of the season, during the winter mercato.

One more reason not to like the winter mercato. It was a chance to be able to recruit Alexis Sanchez, so we jumped at the chance. I really count on him for next season. Right now, he’s learning how to play with us, we’re trying to find the best solution to get the most out of his potential. «