PSG: Neymar would already have a guarantee regarding Cristiano Ronaldo!

Announced insistently in the Real Madrid viewfinder, Neymar could potentially fall victim to the status of Cristiano Ronaldo in the club merengue. But Marcelo, a great friend of the PSG striker, would have already reassured him about it …

« Neymar? A player with this talent … Hard to say that it’s not good for my team, it’s not true, everyone knows he has a lot of talent, « said Raphael Varane, Real defender recently. Madrid, on a possible arrival of Neymar from PSG next summer. But while the Brazilian striker had just left FC Barcelona to no longer evolve in the shadow of Lionel Messi, is not he likely to have the same problem at Real Madrid with Cristiano Ronaldo? Mundo Deportivo brings an element of answer on this subject.

Marcelo would have reassured Neymar

According to the Spanish media, Marcelo would have played the intermediaries in this matter, and the Brazilian left side of Real Madrid would have already reassured Neymar concerning Cristiano Ronaldo. Close to the PSG star in the selection, Marcelo would have guaranteed that the collaboration with the Portuguese striker should perfectly happen. It remains to be seen if Neymar will be convinced by his compatriot.