CLASH: Ibrahimovic at war with José Mourinho which explains his absence

According to Adrian Mutu, former Romanian glory, Zlatan Ibrahimovic would not be injured, but only in cold with Jose Mourinho which would explain the absence of the Swede in the group.

Many players no longer support the very strong character of José Mourinho. Indeed, like Paul Pogba, the Special One would have scrambled with Zlatan Ibarahimovic, and that is the reason that would explain the absence of the former Parisian in the Manchester United group.

While the official reason states that the Swedish giant would have had complications following his cruciate ligament injury of the knee. Adrian Mutu former striker Chelsea under the command of Jose Mourinho in 2004 in particular who claimed the opposite.

I have the information that Ibrahimovic is not injured, he is just cold with Mourinho right now « before adding about the disillusionment experienced by United against Sevilla » Mourinho does not care about the performance. The only thing that matters is the result. »
If this statement is proven, it would be far from surprising knowing the character of the two men.One thing seems certain, we are closer to see Zlatan with the shirt of Sweden than with that of United.