Ancelotti: I have not decided yet


Ancelotti has announced that in June will decide whether to lead the Italian national team or continue the adventure at any club in the Premier League, Serie A or any other league.

Carlo Ancelotti, former coach of Real Madrid, Chelsea, Milan and Paris Saint-Germain, continues to be unemployed since the end of last year, after being sacked from Bayern Munich.

He is the main candidate to sit on Italy’s national team bench, which will not take part in the World Cup that will take place in Russia.


But Ancelotti has not yet decided what to do, the day before said he prefers to train the squad every day, something he can not do with the National team.

“Please do not ask me about the National team,” Ancelotti told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I have not yet decided anything. We’ll see in June. “