Klopp: Salah is ‘on his way’ to Messi level

The Liverpool boss tried to be careful with his words, but coulsn’t quite contain his excitement after Salah’s four goals in Reds’ win over Watford.
“Yeah, I think Mo is on the way. That’s good,” Klopp responsed when asked whenever Salah could be compared to Messi.

“I don’t think Mo wants or anybody wants to be compared with Lionel Messi. He [Messi] is the one who is doing what he is doing for what feels like 20 years or so. The last player I know that had the same influence on a team performance was Diego Maradona — another Argentina guy.

“Yes, Mo is on a fantastic way — that’s for sure. But how it always in life, if you have the skills then you have to show it constantly.

“His consistency is very good for us; he helps us a lot. The boys love playing together with him [and] he loves playing together with them, so it’s good. You need always in a game somebody who brings the ball over the line.”