FC Barcelona: Lionel Messi reveals how he went from 1m40 to 1m70

The Argentine international Lionel Messi has returned to a difficult moment of his childhood. FC Barcelona’s number 10 has recently tackled the problem of its painful growth. The so-called pulga explained how he proceeded to increase his size.

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It must be said that from the age of 10, Messi explains that he could no longer grow like all young people his age. He had been diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency. To remedy this, he had to be injected with growth hormones so that he could increase in size.

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« I injected growth hormones when I was little, once a night. Every day, I stung in one leg. I started when I was about eleven. At first, my parents did it, and then I learned it. It was like a pencil. Thanks to these growth hormones, Lionel Messi has risen from 1m40 to 1m70.

« Explained the Barcelona striker before continuing » I used to take the ball and try to play my game. try to play more depending on the team. I try to help the team in a different place. I keep running as I have always done, but in a different way. »

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It must be said that this growth problem that Messi has suffered has almost missed out on a brilliant and exceptional career like the one he is currently experiencing. Even in Barça, the beginnings were not easy. The leaders of the Catalan club were also reluctant to engage him. But finally they gave in to the Argentine genius.