Raiola: Man United bought Pogba very cheap

200 million euros, is Pogba’s price according to his agent, who says that the “Red Devils” should be happy to buy him 100 million.

Paul Pogba moved to Old Trafford from Juventus for a record 105m euros, but this transfer remained under shadow when Neymar signed for Paris Saint Germain from Barcelona for 222m euros, making Pogba’s trasnfer look noramal pricel.

Now agent agent Mino Raiola insists Pogba was bought very cheap by Manchester United, where he may not play next season – after the French has problems with Jose Mourinho.

“As television rights grow, players’ prices will rise,” he said.

“Manchester United bought Pogba for 100 million, but I believe they had to pay 200 million,” added Raiola.

“Pogba was cheap. He had a clause and decided where to play next season. Juventus could not decide for him. The player must always be under control. Juventus could have sold him for 200 million in Real Madrid – so Manchester United has already spared 100 million euros, “said Raiola among others.