Messi + Ronaldo = 1.260!

1,260 goals is the number of goals scored from  Messi and Ronaldo together so far.
The winners of 10 Golden Balls, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo – will be remember for the history they have written in football and the many records they have broken so far and are still on that road.

For them, het-tricks have been like a goal for some other players and they have realized a great number of them, if calculate the numbers  the result will be really impressive.

Ronaldo 647, Messi 613 – together scored 1,260 goals and are impressing the fans every edition, these figures will continue to grow season after season.

One day, Messi and Cristiano will hang their boots so do not waste much time making comparisons, enjoying the magic of the two best in history before saying goodbye to football, then everyone will understand  who were Leo and Cristiano.