Justin Kluivert reveals who is his role model, Messi or Ronaldo

Ajax youngster reflects on the two giants of the modern football
Role models and Cristiano Ronaldo

“I definitely have a few [role models]. My father is one of them, but Cristiano Ronaldo is another, also because of what he’s doing off the pitch.”

“He doesn’t just think about himself, but also about others. He does a lot for charities and is really dedicated to his life as a footballer. That’s something I can learn from and I want to be doing myself as well.”

Best player in the world

“I’m Team Messi. He is the best player in the world, but Ronaldo is a role model for me. I’m sure Messi [works hard] as well, but I like the way Ronaldo manages to deliver the message across social media. He is an example to follow because of the way he lives for the game. That’s just great.”