Real Madrid have scored more penalties in the past decade than any other European club


Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale both found the back of the net from the penalty spot as Real Madrid visited Las Palmas on Saturday, scoring Los Blancos’ 76th and 77th penalties of the past decade.

No other club in the top five European leagues have netted as many goals from the spot in that time.

Since 2008/09, AC Milan have scored 75, but Real Madrid have now edged ahead of the Italian giants.

Only 14 penalties have been missed out of the 91 Real Madrid have had in the past decade, meaning they boast a success rate of 84 percent.


So far this campaign there have been 15 penalties awarded to the team from the Spanish capital in all competitions – eight in LaLiga, four in the Copa del Rey and three in the Champions League.

Penalty goals by teams in the top European leagues in past decade

  1. Real Madrid, 91 taken, 77 goals
  2. AC Milan, 93 taken, 75 goals
  3. Roma, 81 taken, 66 goals
  4. PSG, 74 taken, 66 goals
  5. Barcelona, 85 taken, 65 goals