Allegri: ‘Referee did well, but too much time was added’

Juventus boss discusses Michael Oliver’s work in the Champions League quarter-final 2nd leg in Madrid.
“Referee did well but unfortunately what happened was like in Monopoly when you pick up a ‘chance’ card.

“Nobody has said it but I think that too much time was added on because there were not changes. He added three minutes when it should have been one and that was when Madrid knocked us out.

“Buffon? Over 20 years he has been an example as a person off and on the pitch. If on one difficult situation he makes comments like this, then you can understand it.

“It was a great game against a massive club, we need to improve our level each day but in Italy it is different as it is more tactical. Now we have to readapt to our tournament and now we have to put the frustration from the Madrid game onto the pitch.”