Neymar admits: We had problem with Cavani but this is how we solved it


Five months after the problems between Edinson Cavani and Neymar, the latter admitted that there was a disagreement between him and the Uruguayan attacker on who should take the penalties.

During a match, Neymar tried to take the penalty, but the Cavani refused to let him score from the white spot.

“People have talked about it making it look something bigger than it was, although it’s true that there was tension and friction with Cavan,” Cavani admitted to Globo TV.

“But we resolved this problem” he added.


He also explained how they reached agreement.

“Three days after what happened, I sat down and talked. We had to solve it personally without involving anyone else. The media talked a lot about this  because they will sell more, they talk things they do not have to say, and so affect our concentration, “he explained.

Neymar is expected to miss for the rest of the season as he is revering and trying to be fit for World Cup.