Alert at Real Madrid


Real Madrid are already preparing for the Champions League semifinals, but the club are on high alert after the accusations of robbery from their duel against Juventus.

After Los Blancos’ controversial qualification to the semifinals, reports have surfaced of an ‘antimadridista’ campaign.

Real are worried their 93rd-minute penalty winner will take a toll in their duel against Bayern Munich.

Apart from being in deep disagreement with certain comments, they are clear that this strategy only seeks to harm them.

The squad and the club fear that all this pressure will have an effect on their tie with the German champions.

In other words, Madrid need their players to have an excellent match, as the Bavarian club will not make it easy for any doubtful decision to fall in favour of the Spanish giants.

“When people talk about theft, I’m outraged,” Zinedine Zidane said at Saturday’s press conference.

“What we’re doing bothers a lot of people, but I’m going to defend my people, we deserved toqualify, without a doubt.

“People haven’t just said it here – that there was robbery-, it’s also happened in France and in the foreign press.”

Real have reacted on social media and the most talked about comment was Isco’s post on Twitter, which attacked a radio station for their shameful coverage of the game.


The Spaniard vented, posting footage of the analysis: “One profession, two measuring sticks – shameful.”


And the anger that reigns within Real Madrid was also shown after their triumph against Malaga.

“I also perceive antimadridism,” Lucas Vazquez declared after the match at the Estadio La Rosaleda.

“There is more discussion of the penalty in Spain than in Italy, it’s very difficult for others to see that we have reached the semifinals eight times in a row.

“There are many people who are happy about our troubles and we have to learn to live with them.”

Los Blancos are outraged because their merit of reaching eight consecutive semifinals or winning three Champions in four years is being taken away.

Zidane will aim to get his players back on focusing solely on football in order to fully prepare for their first game against the German side.

They know the pressure will continue, but the club believe in UEFA’s good efforts and expect the referee to completely manage the high-level match.