Sergio Ramos joins the group of outraged Real Madrid players


Real Madrid players such as Isco and Lucas Vazquez exploded in anger after being asked about their controversial Champions League win against Juventus, and now Sergio Ramos has become the newest player to add to the argument.

After their 3-1 victory over Malaga, Ramos underwent anti-doping control, while the rest of his team boarded the team bus to head to the airport.

The captain left the Estadio La Rosaleda an hour later and on his way to his car was approached by a journalist, who asked if he agreed that an antimadridismo campaign has spread in recent days.

Ramos answered with a resounding yes and did not give any more explanations.


A simple yes that summed up the feelings of a squad that is fed up with the latest comments against Los Blancos.

He’s become the latest to join the campaign Real Madrid has launched against this wave of criticism.

A campaign spoken about by Zinedine Zidane himself last Saturday and something that goes beyond the controversial action of Juventus.

And that’s why Ramos replied.

It sends a simple yet direct message on an issue that seems to have no end, at least, until their duel against Bayern Munich.