Lippi: ‘Oliver didn’t understand Buffon’

Ex-Juve coach Marcello Lippi spoke to Premium Sport (via IlBianconero) about the Bianconeri’s elimination in the UEFA Champions league, here is what he had to say on the matter:

” Italian squads are capable of achieving great things. Nobody believed in Roma or Juve coming back against Barcelona and Real Madrid but that’s what happened. Oliver? He is a good referee but refs have to understand that sometimes, common sense has to also be used. I don’t think he understood where Buffon was coming from. Juve played a great game and their dreams vanished in a second so yes there was a lot of frustration. It’s really sad that this could’ve been Buffon’s last UCL game. Italy? Well the national side won 4 world cups and they lost a final against Brazil. Even if they did not qualify for this World Cup, their history is there. I knew that they were going to finish second behind Spain in that group and then they were knocked out. I don’t think Italian football is in crisis, there are a lot of quality players in the system. In the past few years this was a problem but I think that the future is bright for Italy…”.