Champions League, Rome is terrified by English hooligans

With a match wit a big value in the Champions League for Roma and Liverpool, the hooligan alarm returns to the Italian capital.

Rome has started to make a security plan for the challenge against the English team at the “Olimpico” stadium.

In co-operation with Scotland Yard, over 2,500 English fans will be monitored for the return semi-final match, which is scheduled on 2nd May, In particular, according to Italian media, the focus will be on 600 Liverpool’s ultras considered dangerous. Rome will shut down shops in the center at 18:00 and will create 3 controlled areas for the gathering of fans.

Meanwhile, the controversy is the high ticket price. For a seat at the “Olimpico”, which has an initial price of 65 euros, it must be paid in the black market up to 450 euros . For sits one side that Roma insists that tickets are 85 euros, fans are paying more than 700. There are also stratospheric prices for the “Monte Mario” tribune, up to 3500 euros.

These figures are on secondary sells that sell thousands of tickets.