Bayern Munich fresher than Real Madrid


Zidane triumphed last season with an extreme rotation system. The key games, mainly in the Champions League, were played with team A (that best), commanded by Cristiano Ronaldo. The use of “Team B’ in La Liga with James and Morata, among others, was quite effective.

This is how Real Madrid won the title in La Liga and Champions, so it would be normal to repeat this year if they did not sell some players and not enough new world class players transferred (Ceballos, Vallejo, Llorente , Theo, Mayoral). The usual 11 of Los Blancos, that arrived at this stage of the season have more minutes on their feet.

And this is reflected in the comparison between the two theoretic formations of Real Madrid and that of Bayern Munich. The 11-man squad has 29,963 minutes played, or 4,000 minutes less than Real Madrid’s 11th. The latter has 34,270 minutes played.

A important fact at the this part of the season, because the legs already not fresh enough because of the physical work to compete at the highest level, as they are in unstoppable work since last August. And when the legs get tired effect on the performance of the players and the team.


The most surprising is the fact that only three Bayern Munich players reach the 3,000-minute playing time (goalkeeper Ulreich, Kimmich, and Polish striker Lewandowski). The rest of the 11 formation of the Bavarian giants does not reach that figure. Let’s not forget that Heynckes has worked with a group of players who have many years in the elite, like: Ribery, Robben, Müller, Hummels …

In the Real Madrid team, up to eight players have exceeded the 3,000-minute playing time this season. In fact, only Modric, Isco and Benzema do not reach that number. The data, beyond the analysis of the accumulated time, does not hide the reality of Zidane’s squad, which is going through the best physical form of the season.

Both Los Blancos’ last opponents in the Champions League, PSG and Juventus (the Italians in the first leg) suffered from a team with many minutes on foot, because in the Champions League they completely change their face. Bayern Munich, more determined, may be another rival to test this …